COMPLETION: December 2020


BUDGET: $10.7mil

SERVICES: New Home Build

TIME FRAME: 30 months


An intergenerational family home with elements of a modern farmhouse, built to complement and celebrate the existing 1860’s convict-built cottage. The client sought a low maintenance home that was timeless and used high-quality materials throughout. It was imperative during the restoration of the original cottage that the heritage and character was retained. The new component of the build was to integrate seamlessly by using the natural materials and matching elements. The project was a collaboration with R Squared Studios  GP Design Structural Engineers & Ettie Tom.

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Our family owns a 600 hectare farm near Tallong, approximately half-way between Moss Vale and Goulburn. The property was established in 1823 and is one of the oldest in the region. 

The original sandstone cottage dating from the 1860’s is simple but of great character and of substantial heritage value. So we needed to retain and restore this building while adding a new residence with more accommodation and modern amenities. 

The challenge for us, our architect, interior designer and builder was to create a new structure that would compliment and marry well with the old residence. To achieve this, we chose as many natural materials as possible such as sandstone, recycled timber and stone, and chose original, matching elements such as galvanised iron roofing etc.

After discussing our plans with local residents, we chose Luke and Jason Hines as our builders. Everyone we spoke to had nothing but positive things to say about Gibraltar Constructions and their sub-contractors.

When we met with Luke and Jason in person, they were obviously very proud of the reputation they had built for themselves. “It’s a small community down here and word spreads quickly,” they said. “We can’t afford to be anything but the best.”

Another initial comment Luke made had a major impact on us. He said Gibraltar would only like to accept the contract if all parties could commit to it being an enjoyable process for all concerned. We shook hands after this and agreed that any potentially conflictual issues would be resolved with the best of goodwill, respect and fairness. This outcome was achieved, for which Luke and Jason deserve much credit.

We have recently taken occupancy of this most beautiful home. The quality of material, workmanship and finishes is unsurpassed. It has been a uniquely enjoyable and successful project. We commend Luke and Jason for their work ethic and professionalism and recommend them unreservedly to anyone considering building a home in the Southern Highlands.