Gibraltar Constructions built our new home in Bundanoon in 2012. We had heard excellent reports of their work and

when we met Jason and Luke to discuss our project we were impressed by their positive attitude and enthusiasm for taking

on the job on our steep and difficult site. It did not take long to make the decision to sign with Gibraltar.

Throughout the construction period we met Luke regularly to discuss progress and any issues. The meetings were very

important to us as we were not living in the area at that time and we were very pleased with the personalised service we

received. So while the site presented plenty of challenges, we were well informed and satisfied with the solutions.

A defining feature throughout the project was the attention to detail by the whole Gibraltar Constructions team. From

the external finishes to the internal tiling and all the tiny details we were very happy with Gibraltar’s work.

The result is a beautiful home which we are very proud of, and we are pleased we made the decision for Gibraltar Constructions

to build our home.

Jenny & Jan Stensrud

To whom it may concern,

we had the pleasure of engaging Jason and Luke Hines – Gibraltar Construction to build our home.

They made the whole process easy, especially for novices like us embarking on such a project. Their initial engagement

was markedly different to other builders we tried to engage because they were willing to work from conceptual design

and facilitate the development of construction plans.

We desired the build of a large Modern Rural house fitting with the acreage and environment. Gibraltar had a very good

understanding and were able to show us previous houses they had built which were of the style.

Once construction began we quickly established an excellent working relationship. We lived nearby and would visit the

site daily. This we felt was encouraged and discussions as to the work progress, why things were being done that way,

and what was next, made all feel we were getting the desired outcome. Whilst no changes to basic design was required,

Jason and Luke often recommended approaches and finishing touches that enhanced the look and feel of the finished


We feel that the subcontractors (mostly locals) were of particularly high quality delivering great workmanship and that

we were also welcomed by them.

We are proud that almost all the material suppliers were local to the Southern Highland. Gibraltar’s relationships with

suppliers clearly contributed to quality outcome.

Gibraltar have been actively following us up and ensuring any minor problems have been corrected.

We have no hesitation in highly recommending Gibraltar Construction. We are now good friends and remain in contact

2 years after occupancy. They have delivered the home of our dreams.


Mark and Ulli Fisher.

We moved to Bundanoon from Sydney to build our dream home in the Southern Highlands. We specifically wanted to employ a local builder with knowledge of the area’s climate and building codes, as well as wanting to support the local trade.

We found signs of Gibraltar Construction on a number of blocks around the area and contacted them to discuss our plans.

From the moment we met, we found Jason and Luke Hines to be extremely professional yet down to earth and easy going; they took pride in their work; they were perfectionists (like us ); and most importantly for us, understood that we knew what we wanted and were willing to work with us as a team.

We could not ask for a better builder to build our dream home. From start to finish, everyone at Gibraltar Construction made us feel there was nothing they wouldn’t do. We especially appreciated the good relationship and trust we developed with Jason and Luke, and knew that we could always contact them if we had a question or needed advice. For all the countless questions, no one made us feel like we were a bother.

The quality and workmanship of our home far exceeded our expectations. Every last detail was built to our liking. All tradesmen involved were meticulous and took pride in their work, and it certainly showed in the finished product.

We were lucky to have found Gibraltar Construction and cannot thank them enough for making our dream come true in the smoothest possible way. We have already referred a few friends to them, and will continue to highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality built home constructed by a caring group of people.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts !!

Jo & Nadine

Testimonial for a house built in 2014

Several years ago we purchased a small rural property in Bundanoon NSW.

We wanted to build a studio residence for temporary accommodation.

Upon receiving some local recommendations we decided to employ Gibraltar Constructions.

I have worked in the construction industry for nearly 40 years, an industry which can at times be quite adversarial.

So I had certain preconceived views about builders and subcontractors.

As construction on the studio progressed that view changed.

Delivery was swift with no excuses for delays, or lack of material or subcontractors and it was a pleasure to work with Luke and his boys.

Subsequently the studio won a MBA Illawarra Region award for “Best Studio” category.

Therefore it was an obvious choice and without any hesitation we negotiated a contract to build our home with Gibraltar Constructions.

The home is an Architect designed modernist style building with a large amount of challenging details.

The value of the building was approximately $ 1.7 m.

Whilst the construction documents were of high quality many of the finer details needed to be worked out on site.

During the construction period the liaison between client and builder was always on a positive note

It was gratifying to work with Luke and his team. Not only did they rise to the challenge, we believe they thrived on the experience.

We found the Gibraltar team to be friendly, accommodating, honest and totally reliable.

We were always kept abreast of any current or potential issues during the construction period and mutual plans of action were implemented where required.

At all times were we kept informed of where the costs were heading and any cost implications, due to our desired detailing were always discussed so that rational decisions could be made.

The detail in the design required a high level of quality workmanship and we feel this has been achieved.

As a close friend of ours who is also very experienced in the industry commented: “the building oozes with quality”.

We are totally satisfied with our home and would highly recommend Gibraltar Constructions to anyone wishing to build a home be it small or large.

The quality is there, the delivery is guaranteed and above all there is an honesty in dealing with Luke and Jason.

We believe the project was delivered within our time frame, within our budget allowance, with negligible defects and to a high level of workmanship.


Margaret & Tony Sulsters